Blackshape’s Gabriél BK160-200 Secures FAA Certification

Blackshape, known for its fusion of Italian aesthetics and cutting-edge technology, today proudly announces the Gabriél BK160-200’s esteemed FAA certification. This achievement emphasizes Blackshape’s steadfast commitment to safety and innovative advancement. Moreover, it paves the path for the commencement of commercial deliveries, with the first batch of Gabriél BK160-200 aircraft set to be delivered to customers by the end of Q4 2024.

“We are proud to finally announce the achievement of this milestone, which certifies the value of the product and the entire company, now formally allowing Blackshape to enter the American aeronautical market both in the Certified category with the Gabriel and in the Experimental category with the same Gabriel as well as the Prime,” says Niccolò Chierroni, CEO of Blackshape. “Our development roadmap in the US is a priority, and we already have partners in the territory that enable us to be present at upcoming Airshows and to operate with a first-class commercial and maintenance network. The best is yet to come…”

For more details on the Gabriél BK160-200 kindly reach out to:

Nicola Dambra
Head Communications, External Relations & Sustainability