Flying a Blackshape is a thrilling experience, akin to piloting a race plane,” says Elio Rullo, Blackshape’s Head of Flight Operations and Chief Pilot. “With its sleek low-wing monocoque design, ergonomic tandem seats, state-of-the-art EFIS avionics, and advanced avionics solutions, this aircraft is not only a delight to fly, but also offers unparalleled visibility and awareness.”

Piloting a Blackshape is an experience like no other. From the moment you take to the sky, you feel a sense of oneness with the aircraft as it becomes an extension of your own body. With its bubble canopy providing almost 360° field of vision, you’re fully immersed in the world above.

At first glance, the aircraft’s streamlined design promises speed, power, and aerodynamic expertise. But what truly sets Blackshape apart is the careful balance of power plant and flight controls, as well as the premium materials and manufacturing processes used in production. Every element of the aircraft is designed to work in harmony, delivering an unmatched flying experience that engages all your senses.

What makes Blackshape planes unique

A closer look at the Blackshape DNA

The Blackshape DNA is established during the design phase, where an idea is transformed into a sophisticated product. From the outset, we select the most exquisite materials and apply precise handcrafting to manufacture each aircraft. Every Blackshape model is built on a foundation of autoclaved carbon fiber, ensuring the highest quality of carbon fiber reinforced polymer composite structures available in aviation. Through the autoclave process, prepreg laminas are consolidated under elevated pressure and temperature to create a uniform, high-resistance material that forms the backbone of each Blackshape aircraft.


The Blackshape Gabriél is a clean-sheet aircraft that incorporates the very latest in technological advances for small aircraft design and function. The Gabriél is not only a highly advanced aircraft from a technical standpoint, but the design and aesthetics of the plane set it apart on the ramp as well. It truly is the Ferrari of the sky.

– Wayne Schmitz, President Gulf State Aviation LLC