The italian Vice Minister of Defense visited Blackshape plant

October the 31st The italian Vice Minister of Defense Roberta Pinotti visited Blackshape plant together with the President of the Defence Committee of the Senate, Nicola Latorre and senior representatives of the General Secretariat of National Armaments. The purpose of the visit was to inspect the progress of the program of the Blackshape Prime training version and, above all, personally view the aircraft that, from November 12, will be boarded on the Cavour aircraft carrier, flagship of the Italian Navy. Vice Minister had the opportunity to congratulate the engineer Belviso for the rapid pace and quality of progress made by the company in the military training field. These efforts have led to the recent acquisition of the Blackshape Prime Force at the military base of Pratica di Mare, in order to complete the aircraft certification as a new screener of the Italian Air Force.