Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, visits Blackshape plant and meets Angelo Investments top management in Monopoli.

On May 20th, Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi encountered Order of Knight Vito Pertosa and his top management team during a visit to Blackshape facilities in Monopoli. The Prime Minister congratulated with the whole team for the excellent results achieved and positioning as the top aircraft in the world in its category and finally asked to climb on the cockpit. A large audience made of managers and employees of Blackshape, Sitael, Dreamslair and MerMec attended the ceremony and showed pride for the work done. In congratulating the team, Mr Renzi described Angelo Investments Group as “A concrete example in the Italian reality of winning international challenges by investing in innovation and talented people”. The President of Angelo Investments, Vito Pertosa, thanked the Premier for his visit and invited him at the inauguration of the new Headquarter of Sitael Spa in Mola di Bari scheduled for next September.