Italian Spaceman, Colonel Roberto Vittori visits Blackshape SpA

The Italian astronaut and military pilot, Colonel Roberto Vittori today visited the premises of Blackshape SpA accompanied by Vice President of the Puglia Region (delegates for economic development and space) Loredana Capone. Vittori wanted to personally visit Blackshape to know personally the production process. “This is a wonderful airplane”, said Vittori “aerodynamic lines and design are beautiful, plus the performances make it a unique aircraft”. Vittori has responded with pleasure to the many questions of reporters “Prime is an airplane with distinct characteristics from training and beyond, may apply to take the lead for a new category of aircraft, the flight at high altitude. At the moment is the best candidate to supersede the old generation basic trainer”. Great appreciation and support were expressed by Vice President Capone: “The Blackshape Prime is an excellent Italian and Apulian. We will do everything possible to support such experiences that deserve attention and support”. Finally he met with television and newspapers present CEO, Mr. Luciano Belviso Blackshape “Vittori visit us proud. This recognition of esteem can only make us even more convinced of the road taken: innovation, technology, quality certified”.