Italian Minister of Defense and the General Secretary of Defense

Saturday June the 29th Italian Minister of Defense Mario Mauro and the General Secretary of Defense and Director of National Armaments General Claudio Debertolis visited Blackshape’s plant in Monopoli. Scope of the visit was to immediately and officially start-up the military qualification under Aeronautica Militare certification basis for the Blackshape Prime, in order to use it as basic trainer for Italian Army. During the Meeting Blackshape and Aeronautica Militare Italiana settled up a common agenda for the forthcoming days. At the end of the visit, the Minister spoke to Blackshape’s employees by outlining “the professionalism, the technological level reached in few years and the solid aeronautic culture solidly expressed now all over the world”. An enthusiast comment has been expressed by Blackshape management, Luciano Belviso, CEO of Blackshape SpA: “we’re proud and happy to hearing this encouraging words from the Minister Mauro, we guess the Prime is a natural born trainer, ideal for basic training purposes and we’re glad to see Italian Army is agree with us. Today starts a process which will mark a new path for Blackshape life and development”.