From Emirates to Italy – In flight between two continents in one week with Blackshape Prime

Blackshape just concluded a cross country trip in which the Blackshape Prime flew from the Middle East to Mediterranean Europe, taking the Blackshape Prime from Abu Dhabi (UAE) to Brindisi (ITALY). The voyage lasted 4 days and was done in a total of 8 stages, about 6000 kilometers flown and 23 hours of total flight time. The crossing was designed to expose the Prime to two air shows, one in Abu Dhabi and the second in Cannes; two general aviation events in which the Blackshape Prime was the absolute protagonist. “The plane handled fantastically” said the commander, Elio Rullo, upon landing at Cannes, “despite having flown against about 25 knots of steady headwind, I kept a 248 km/h average”. The Prime arrived in Abu Dhabi thanks to a C17 transport operated by the UAE Army and returned to Brindisi in flight, in around 8 stops. The trip exposed the Blackshape Prime to the harshness of the desert for the first time, with commander Rullo describing the experience as “exciting, I flew over the desert without interruption for nearly 2,400 km, watching camel caravans pass underneath and I reflected on the progress of technology, but how wonderful it is to maintain a dimension of adventure and the need to challenge oneself every day”.