Blackshape strengthens partnerships for South America and the network expands its business in the world

An 8-day tour of Argentina and Brazil proved to be very beneficial for Blackshape, as Angelo Petrosillo, Director of Sales for Blackshape met with various interested parties in both counties. The aim of the trip was to conclude and sign important contracts for the sale and distribution of Blackshape’s Prime throughout the South American continent. With the newly signed agreements. Blackshape has just created a very strong base in South America, with a dealer in Argentina and four dealers in Brazil covering the northeast – Rio Grande do Sur – the state of Sao Paulo – the state of Rio de Janeiro State. The entire commercial structure will be coordinated by an area manager for the South American region and who will head Blackshape South America. “Our studies show that Brazil will become the next one year in the top 5 markets in the world when it comes to sport aviation and personal aviation transportation”, said Petrosillo of his trip, “ we are investing a lot here and the results appear very encouraging to us. The first two Brazilian aircraft will be delivered in early 2013 and we have already established an ambitious delivery plan for 2014. Blackshape Aircraft will be also present with Prime in the next edition of Expo Aero Brazil”.