Blackshape SPA and Air Combat Experience Sarl signed a commercial partnership for the French market

On August 30th, Blackshape Spa and Air Combat Experience (ACE) Sarl signed a partnership to market the Prime aircraft in France.

"This is a very important agreement for our company. For several years, we were looking for the right partner to sell our aircrafts in France and with this partnership we can finally make it happen. We have very high expectations and we will do the best for meeting the requests of this demanding market” sad Angelo Petrosillo, CEO Sales & Marketing at Blackshape.

Alexandre Berthe, Director Sales & Marketing Air Combat Experience, also expressed great satisfaction: "We collected 5 years experiences in air combat activity simulated with high performance ultralight aircrafts. The Blackshape Prime is undoubtedly the most efficient technology and equipped for this type of experience. It is a very complete aircraft, multi-mission and very safe. It is the perfect machine for our business but also for all ultralight pilots and private users looking for emotions as well as top class equipments".

Blackshape Spa is an Italian aerospace company controlled by the industrial holding Angelo Investments. It is present in 57 countries worldwide and is a leader in aircraft production in carbon fiber with very high performance. The company is also active in the field of railway safety and the development of small satellites. The Blackshape Prime is the "best seller" of the ultralight category thanks to its two seats in tandem position. About sixty airplanes have already been sold in 28 countries all over the world.

Air Combat Experience is a company that offers sporty leisure and aerial combat flights, flying in close formation, specialized on “air baptism” or other customized services. It is led by 3 partners, Laurent Pons, Frédéric and Alexandre Berthe Caussin. They have the ambition to become leaders in the airline entertainment and advanced training for PPL and microlight pilots. The first two Blackshape Prime will be available for flight testing starting from January 2017.


For additional information:

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