Blackshape SPA and AIRCATFLY signed a commercial partnership for the Spanish market

On May 23rd, Blackshape Spa and AIRCATFLY signed a commercial partnership to market the Blackshape Aircraft in Spain.

"This is a very important agreement for our company. We consider AIRCATFLY the right partner as for the Spanish market” said Angelo Petrosillo, CEO Sales & Marketing at Blackshape. Blackshape and AIRCATFLY “undertake to get the Spanish Ultralight Aircraft Certification, the joint work will start immediately”. Great satisfaction has been expressed also by Mario Reverter, President and CEO of AIRCATGLOBAL, the Spanish Aeronautical Holding: “we are proud of this agreement and willing to start as soon as possible the homologation process as well as the test flight with the customers. The Blackshape Prime is definitely the top of the gama’s aircraft, and the Spanish market is now ready for it”.



Blackshape Spa is an Italian aerospace company worldwide leader in production of carbon fiber aircraft with very high performance. Blackshape belongs to the industrial holding Angelo Investments, present in 57 countries worldwide and active in the field of railway safety, space technology and satellites. The Blackshape Prime is actually the "best seller" in the ultralight category, two seats in tandem aircraft. Since the production starting, five years ago, about sixty airplanes have been delivered in 28 countries all over the world.

Pedro Sánchez CEO and CarlesTorra COO, co-founders of AIRCATFLY were present in the agreement. AIRCATFLY belongs to AIRCATGLOBAL Aeronautical Holding, and is specialized in LSA/ULM flight training, distribution of LSA/ULM through exclusive dealerships and technical service for its customers and represented brands. Over the past years, hundreds of light sport pilots came out of AIRCATFLY’s flight school and dozens of airplanes have been sold and maintained by the company.




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