Blackshape Prime now available in Canada and Eastern US

New dealership signed. The aircraft will be distributed in North America by the Aircité Aviation – Aviasport partnership. Recently approved by Transport Canada for the Advanced Ultralight Aircraft (AULA) class, the Blackshape CF300 Prime opens up a new segment in the high performance sport aircraft market of the North America. A demonstration model will be available for testing in April at the Lachute (QC) Airport, 40 minutes west of Montreal. A more evolved version with 115HP and a 750 kg maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) is in preparation for certification in Canada and the United States. For further information: Blackshape Eastern US & Canada 21, rue Norseman Aéroport de Lachute (CSE4) QC, CANADA, J8H 3R8 Contact: Nicolas Horn Phone: +1 581 998 1460 email: nicolas.horn@blackshapeaircraft.com