Blackshape launches the Bk160 – Gabriél

Friedrichshafen, AERO 2017 – April 6th 2017

Blackshape launches the Bk160 – Gabriél, a disruptive two-seat tandem aircraft with outstanding performance and EASA CS-VLA certification.     

Born with a passion to innovate, Blackshape successfully developed and sold its first light aircraft, the Bk100 – Prime. Now with 58 units in 18 countries and counting and with special configurations successfully in operation also among military operators, the Bk100 – Prime confirms its place as the bestselling aircraft in the tandem-seat light aircraft category.


Blackshape CEO Luciano Belviso presents the Bk160 - GabriélBlackshape CEO Luciano Belviso presents the Bk160 - Gabriél

Following the same cutting-edge path, the Bk160 – Gabriél represents a major milestone in the small aircraft panorama with its unparalleled human-machine interface, completely relying on a full glass-cockpit resembling modern military trainers, its aggressive attitude with sporty finishing inspired by the hand-made tailor style and a glyph of Italianness in its design.


The unveiling of the Bk160 - Gabriél

Its performance exceeding by far those of the category, with a top speed of 164kts and a generous flight envelope of +5 -2,5g to manoeuvre the aircraft while enjoying its crisp flying qualities.
The manufacturing of the Bk160 – Gabriél relies on modern and robust technologies, already a legacy in Blackshape’s experience, such as its full pre-impregnated carbon fibre airframe as well as robotized assembly and a lean smart factory approach.


The new Blackshape Bk160-Gabriél

Upon the unveiling of the aircraft, Blackshape already obtained its Design Organization Approval together with its first Type Certificate in the EASA CS-VLA category, with the aircraft now available to the market and the objective either to deliver fast traveller aircraft and unparalleled flying emotion to even the most experienced pilot or to offer unexpected ease-of-maintenance and direct operating costs to flight organizations wishing to train their students to the most advanced level.

Luciano Belviso (CEO Blackshape) and Giuseppe Verde (Head of Design Organization Blcakshape) receive the Design Organization Approval and the first Type Certificate in the EASA CS-VLA category


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