Blackshape guests at Trento’s Economic Festival: A case study on Italian excellence

Blackshape chosen as a case study of Italian excellence at the Festival dell’Economia in Trento Luciano Belviso, CEO of Blackshape, was invited to participate, Saturday May 19th, at the Fiera del Levante where the 2012 Economic Festival, the most important Italian exhibition dedicated to the study of national and international economic issues, was held. Blackshape was presented as a case study for excellence for the Italian economic panorama that, despite the poor state of the economy, recorded outstanding performances in 2011 and is forecast to enjoy continuous international growth, with 99% of cases increasing their international sales and the prospect of doubling revenues in the next 5 years. Belviso made a speech before a large audience of entrepreneurs, financial professionals and journalists. ”This is a nice recognition for us,” he stated immediately after the speech, “we have worked hard and the market is rewarding us for that. That gives us continued confidence to look to new markets and new products. We are proud of this kind of public recognition, but we remain humble and will continue to work hard to realize our vision.”