Blackshape Achieves LTF – DULV Homologation

Blackshape achieves LTF-UL Type Certification under the supervision of the Deutsche Ultraleicht Flugverband (DULV) Monopoli – October 16, 2012 Blackshape is one of the very few Italian companies in reaching this important certification milestone proving the reliability and safety of the Prime. “We’re sincerely satisfied”, said Mr. Belviso, Blackshape’s CEO and Head of Design, “as our Blackshape Prime is the first fully pre-preg aircraft certified under LTF rules, and the first aircraft with such high performances to be certified into this category. Blackshape has made another important step toward the high reliability, quality and safety of its products. This step rewards our investments and marks another milestone toward sector leadership”. Satisfaction has been expressed also by Mr. Gunther Spitzer, DULV technical officer: ”It was a pleasure to work with the team of Blackshape during the homologation process of the Prime 300 Ultralight aircraft, especially because of the professional attitude of the management and the engagement and quality of the employees. I am sure that the high technical standard of the production line will ensure top quality of your products” Blackshape thanks DULV staff for the professionalism shown within this year of work with particular gratitude for Mr. Gunther Spitzer, who directly followed the homologation process, and Mr. Jo Konrad, DULV President.