Anthony Albanese, Australian Minister of Infrastructures and Transportation visits Blackshape

Monopoli, November the 16th. Anthony Albanese, Australian Minister of Infrastructures an Transportation visited Blackshape’s premises in Monopoli. Albanese joined Blackshape’s headquarter together with Mr. Vito Pertosa, Angelo Investments’ President, and a delegation of diplomatic assistants. The meeting confirmed the solid friendship and the excellent level of bilateral relationship between Italy and Australia in the field of Transportation, with specific reference to railways and aeronautics. Albanese appreciated the Blackshape Prime, particularly for its vocation as aircraft for personal transportation, a quality of utmost interest in a country like Australia. During the meeting, Blackshape illustrated the good commercial penetration within the Australian Market and the growing interest for the Prime; Mr. Belviso – Blackshape CEO – presented to Minister Albanese the road map for the certification under Australian Regulation and the market perspectives: “we really thanks Minister Albanese for his visit at our premises. We are very confident that Australia will be one of the biggest markets for us within the next three years. As a first step, starting from next spring, we will be present over the Australian territory with some airplanes. Australia represents a strategic country and we will continue to invest in that market”.