Aero Messe 2014

Another succesful Step For Blackshape SpA at Aero Messe 2014 in Friedrichshafen. More than 3200 visitors at the exhibition space, 15 dealership requests from 3 different continents. Blackshape continues its extraordinary growth trend. Blackshape Spa continues his growth for becoming the top of European and World Sport Aviation. Participation at the AERO MESSE 2014 in Friedrichshafen, the largest and the most important in Europe, scored new successes even this year. “ We are growing in all the markets, in particular in Europe and South Africa “, stated Mr. Angelo Petrosillo, co-founder and CEO for Sales and Marketing of Blackshape who identified, during a press conference, the new trend of business and commercial increase. “ Our reputation and our brand awareness became a distinctive element of luxury, style and reliability. We have an increase of 200% year by year, we have tripled the number of employees in three year, we have just expanded our factory and by the end of 2014 we will complete rump – up to reach the 4 month-series”. The trade fair in Friedrichshafen, with over 600 exhibitors from 35 countries this year reached a record of 33,400 visitors and is in fact the European hub for sports and general aviation. Blackshape stand, this year bigger and more valuable by the presence of Blackshape MM001 , the aircraft that has been boarded for six months on the carrier Cavour in the international mission "L’ Italia riparte ", was visited by 3,200 people during 4 days for an average of 3 visitors per minute, a record for a company that has exhibited for the first time just three years ago and in fact came from zero in 2010. "We are proud of this achievement ," said Luciano Belviso , CEO and founder of Blackshape "just three years ago everything seemed impossible. We are now present in 24 countries around the world with a product that have as unique characters of Made in Italy, but which is based on European standards of safety, reliability and technological leadership. The mission of the ship Cavour and the strong development activities underway with the Italian Air Force have contributed to give to Blackshape prestige “ , a company that thanks to the support of Angel Investments, is now a world player in the sport aviation, as well for European training. Aircraft sales valuing sold 1.5 million, reneal of dealership in Bulgaria and South Africa, 15 requests for new dealership around the world and a lot of test flight requests by South America and China. “We enjoy this success only for few hours and we look ahead with courage and determination ," concluded Mr. Petrosillo . "Next year we will put our first step into the world of military aviation and the agreement with Alenia Aermacchi will project of amblais into the world of military training. Proud to represent Italy in the world, with its creativity and its technology” .